Long Beach Island coping with beach erosion

July 26, 2010 2:55:34 PM PDT
Replenishing the sand has become a non-stop job at some beaches in New Jersey. Severe beach erosion at Long Beach Island is taking a toll and has forced officials to close some beach entrances.

Access to Brant Beach at 73rd Street is closed because it has become quite a climb, up and down.

"The entrance onto the beach is being washed away. We fix them every morning, but at the next high tide. It's challenging to get down to the beach," said Joseph Mancini, the Mayor of Long Beach Township.

Visitors were surprised by the conditions they found at Long Beach Island.

"The first day we got here, it was a cliff. It was cut off straight, completely," said Marc, a visitor.

Beach-goers found the conditions difficult.

"It's been inconvenient. I've had to carry my little one up and down," said Carol, a beach visitor.

The cause of the erosion is the Nor'easters during the winter. The Tri-state area had approximately six northeastern storms over the winter. Long Beach Island lost about 30 tons of sand during the winter.

Four beach access points along the lower part of Long Beach Island are roped off because of the steep drops the erosion caused.

The township says these entrances tend to get dangerously steep almost everyday. Depending on the tides, the entrances can be steep, or easily used.

Mayor Mancini says there really is an easy fix. All they need is a little help from Mother Nature. If the wind blows from the North, it would help put the sand back.

Right now, the wind blows up from the south. The shore is much higher and longer on the south side of the jetty.

Senator Frank Lautenberg is asking for millions of federal dollars to replenish tons of sand that has washed away, but that budget is still pending.