Livery car crashes into Bronx bus stop; 1 dead

August 10, 2010 7:10:27 PM PDT
One person was killed and at least six others were injured when a livery cab crashed into a bus stop in the Kingsbridge Heights section of the Bronx.

The victim killed in the crash has been identified as 76-year-old Marcelino Adraneda of the Bronx.

Broken glass and blood, that's what most saw scattered across what used to be a bus stop near the intersection of University Avenue and West Kingsbridge Road.

Commuters were just sitting and waiting, when a livery cab came crashing into them.

"I was outside; I heard the screeches from the car. I turn around, I see the driver of the gray minivan try to make the u-turn," said Peter Jaquez.

The 58-year-old driver of that minivan covered his face with a towel as he left the scene.

Police say he was either changing lanes or making an illegal u-turn from the right lane.

The livery cab was in the left lane, clipped the minivan, and lost control, which sent him crashing into the mid-morning commuters.

"All you see after that is just glass, a shower of glass, you see the bodies go back. And then as I come calling 911, I see two people down, then I see another lady, screaming in Spanish," adds Jaquez.

Seven pedestrians were hit including a 40-year-old woman, who police say lost her foot.

Some nurses from the Jewish Home and Hospital System across the street ran out to help the victims.

"I wanted to help the girl that was a little bit closer to the coffee shop. She was just laying there, with blood running down her face," said Nelly Bloise.

Police say the 57-year-old livery cab driver is not at fault. He was treated for cuts and bruises and was later released.

"Unfortunately this was just an accident, if he could have avoided it, he would have," said Fernando Mateo, NYS Federation of Taxi Drivers Spokesman.