Mom and Dad both donate kidneys to twin sons

August 11, 2010 2:30:33 PM PDT
A mother and father both donated their kidneys to their twin sons who were born with a genetic Kidney disesase.

Running hard and playing hard is something 14-year-old Brian Leavy has never really been able to do.

"I got tired all the time. I couldn't eat anything with potassium in it," Brian said.

The Long Island teenager suffers from a rare genetic form of Kidney disease.

He can run now, thanks to his mom.

She gave him a kidney three weeks ago.

"That's what any parent would do," Evette Leavy said.

Brian has a twin brother, and last year, his father gave him a kidney too.

"There was no question, we didn't wait at all. As soon as we knew this thing was coming, it was just a matter of which one of us was going to go first," Brian Leavy-DeVale said.

The brothers were both diagnosed when they were five years old.

Doctors at New York-Presbyterian Weill Cornell Medical Center say the disease affects less than one in a million children.

So, it's even rarer for twins to have the same disease, and for both parents to each donate a kidney.

That is pretty much unheard of.

"In my experience I really haven't had a situation arise in the past where both twins require kidney transplantation. And I've been in practice over 25 years," Dr. Jonhonson said.

It's not exactly a special twin language, but they do have a cute way of bantering with each other.

"One time I do remember you putting it on a Father's day card, "Thanks for the Kidney."

Alan Leavey said, "I don't remember that."

"Yeah you did, you put it on a Father's Day card," said Brian.

"I don't remember that," Alan said.

Alan says he has a little trouble with his memory.

Brian says he still gets a little tired.

But after all, it's been 11 years of going to the doctors and then major surgery.

"It was too much. You had to get needles every time," Adam said.

But now, they can just be regular teenage boys, thanks to mom and dad.

"They're amazing," Brian said.