Yonkers worker fired after selling city salt

January 28, 2011 2:14:31 PM PST
A 26-ton shipment of road salt has been delivered in Yonkers, however the problem isn't figuring out where it's coming from, it is where has it been going?

A Department of Public Works employee was caught selling some of the city's salt supply to private contractors.

50-year old Edward Maier was fired yesterday after twenty years of service as a city employee. Yonkers police started an investigation after getting a tip, they set up video surveillance at the city's salt dome near Tuckahoe Road, and caught Maier selling municipal salt to private contractors.

"That's horrible, you have to look into it i guess", said Gary Corbitt a Yonkers resident.

Salt is not cheap, especially this time of year. Salt costs Yonkers $26.00 a ton and this winter the costs have piled up. City officials say Maier was selling a truckload of road salt for $30.00, well below the market rate of $130 per load.

"You need a key for access to the salt, and we caught him doing it", said Yonkers Deputy Mayor William Regan.

Maier has been fired but has yet to be arrested, although officials say that could change.

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