Wedding guests stranded when keys are stolen

August 31, 2010 5:02:28 AM PDT
Police are looking for whoever took hundreds of car keys during a wedding, leaving the guests stranded over the weekend."Everybody looked around looked around and no keys," wedding guest Vito Vitale said.

He says what started out as a picture perfect wedding party ended in a fiasco at the Woodbury Country Club.

The celebration came to an abrupt halt after 55 sets of keys were stolen from the parking valet.

Guests of the bride and groom were stranded.

"They went into a panic," he said.

Police investigating the incident say there were no witnesses to the crime. They're still looking for the valet box.

As far as a motive, they don't know because not a single vehicle was reported stolen.

The club's general manager, Steven Squitiro, says a car rolled up while the valley company was redirecting cones and stole the entire box of keys.

Ironically, the groom was a police officer and many of the guests were police officers too.

As for Vitale, he spent $30 on a taxi cab home and another $250 just to replace a set of car keys. The average set of keys cost about $400 to replace.