NJ group calls for Senate to pass FDA bill

September 9, 2010 2:50:35 PM PDT
Farmers markets are naturally popular in a state known as the garden state.

One Teaneck, New Jersey market's fresh ripe red tomatoes, and more, was the backdrop for a call to make sure all food that gets to America's tables, are just as fresh and safe. Senator Bob Menendez and Food advocates say that's just not the case right now.

The New Jersey Public Interest Research Group released a report titled "Recipe for Disaster" which reviewed 85 food recalls in the country over the last year, most recently the hundreds of millions of eggs recalled because of salmonella.

The group calls on the US senate to pass the FDA Food Moderization Act. It would set food production safety standards, especially for large food companies, increase inspections, add more inspectors and equipment to better oversee food safety during production. It would also allow for the mandating of recalls, which currently it can only suggest.

The Senate is ready to consider the bill once again, planning to address it beginning the week of September 20.