Franklin Township School opening delayed to Sept. 27

September 16, 2010 2:47:32 PM PDT
Franklin Township School was supposed to open on September 7th, but now the sign reads the 27th.

But given the state of the site, some parents do not believe it.

"I don't think it is gonna be ready! It looks like a war zone," said parent Shelley Chrisologo.

Chrisologo has two kids at the school, both still enjoying extended summer vacation.

"I want my kids in the classroom, learning like all the other kids," she said.

The Superintendent says everything was on schedule for this 11 million dollar project until they started to build a wing where they found a sewer pipe that was almost completely disintegrated.

Three-hundred-forty kids attend the school, but the Superintendent confirms 25 have already been pulled out to switch to private schools.

Robin Schutts is one parent who made that choice, deciding in late August to bite the bullet.

"It's an additional expense in addition to all the property taxes we already pay," said Schutts. "Five thousand dollars to send him to school."

Schutts says the way this has been handled is unacceptable.

"There was no contingency plan. And this whole thing has been a nightmare," she said.

Whether the school will be ready on the 27th is unknown, but the Superintendent says she is working on contingency plans and that an open meeting on the 22nd will update all of the parents.