Police: Restaurant owner kills robber

September 27, 2010 3:24:28 PM PDT
When two bandits tried to rob a Chinese restaurant in Bridgeport on Sunday night, the owner turned the tables on them.

"It's a shame someone got killed, but justice has been served," one resident said.

That's the feeling of many people here in the Brooklawn section of Bridgeport.

About 8:30 Sunday night the owner of a popular Chinese restaurant shot one of two armed robbers who tried to hold up his business.

"Sometimes we need incidents like this to send a message to people that you just can't run into places, good legitimate small shops, that are just serving the public, and steal from them," Lew Cohen, a Bridgeport business owner, said.

Police interviewed Kam Wong after the shooting. They said his gun was registered and that it appears he acted in self-defense.

The store owner does not face any charges.

Investigators say the robber, Allen Dixon of Bridgeport, suffered one gunshot to the chest before stumbling out of the restaurant and dropping his weapon.

The 21-year-old and the second robber managed to drive a few blocks before crashing their car. Dixon was dead. The other suspect got away.

Investigators know the name of the second suspect. They expect to find him soon.

Meantime, despite the actions of Mr. Wong, police say business owners should not engage in vigilante justice.

"We don't suggest this at all by the owner or any employees of an establishment to take matters into their own hands. Just comply to their requests and give the police department. We'll take it from that point on," Det. Keith Bryant said.

"I don't criticize anybody for protecting their property. And especially being in the restaurant business, I know how hard it is. He works 7-days a week, comes in at 10 in the morning and works till 11, 12 o'clock at night," said Fred, one of his business neighbors.