Quetions surround police involved shooting

October 4, 2010 3:43:19 PM PDT
Disturbing questions about a deadly police shooting in Manhattan.

The incident happened Sunday morning when a man refused to drop his knife and shot several times, but not before he was tasered, or at least cops tried to taser him.

The dart from the stun gun didn't work.

"These officers did everything they could reasonably do," said Commissioner Ray Kelly.

The shooting left many questioning how police responded and investigators released new details, how and why officers fired 9 shots, fatally striking 24-year-old Emmanuel Paulino.

At about 5:15 Sunday morning, Commissioner Ray Kelly says a troubling 911 call comes in, someone saying they want to kill some cops.

About 15 minutes pass, the operator calls back the cell phone, and on the second try, Paulino answers.

About 5:45 a.m., officers arrive and say they find Paulino on the East Side of Vermilyea Ave. pacing back and forth with this knife in his hand.

They call it in as an emotionally disturbed person and ask for back up.

The Emergency Services Unit has officers specifically trained to deal with this type of situation.

The officers already on scene approach Paulino telling him several times to drop the knife.

Kelly, says "...The Sgt. approaches with his taser, and fires the taser..."

Kelly says the officers backed up across the avenue while Paulino continued to lunge at them with a knife, a few minutes later, "When he is within four or five feet, they fire," adds Kelly.

At 5:50 a.m., as Paulino lays bleeding in the street, Emergency Services arrives.

Today many are questioning why police released the 911 call so fast, the commissioner says to give more clarity to the case, critics believe otherwise, to unfairly gain public support.

"Let the investigation conclude and then give us the information that we are seeking but don't let it out to your benefit," said community activist Fernando Mateo.

Transcript of that call:

911 Operator: 911 Operator, where is your emergency?
Suspect: Yeah, I want you to call the cops cause I'm ready to kill.
911 Operator: What?
Suspect: I'm ready to kill some cops right now.
911 Operator: You're ready to kill some cops? Where are you?
Suspect: Yeah, 121 Vermilyea, New York, I'm right here, outside.
Operator: OK so what's going on there?
Suspect: Yeah, I'm ready to kill cops right now.
Operator: Oh, ok
Suspect: Ok, yeah, get em, I'm (Inaudible) I'll be right here!

The officers were taken to the hospital to be treated for trauma.