Ninth anti-gay gang torture suspect arrested

October 11, 2010 8:38:43 PM PDT
As the ninth suspect surrendered to police on Monday, one of the victims who was tortured and beaten in the anti-gay attack in the Bronx is speaking out.

He had just one condition: hide his identity.

LEID: "What were they saying while they did this?"

VICTIM: "They said you a f----t or something? What's wrong with you? You crazy or something?"

This 17-year old victim says he was viciously beaten and violently sodomized after his fellow gang members found out he had a one time sexual encounter with a man.

VICTIM: "They put me in the middle of the chair. They asked me 'are you gay?' I was like 'nah.' They was like 'you did this?' I said 'yea.' 'You did this with the gay guy?' I was like 'yea.' That's when they started hitting me. Like beating me up. I was there for like an hour."

The high school sophomore admits he was a member of the latin king goonies gang.

He says gang members told him the beating was not personal just punishment for breaking one of their rules.

"When I went to the hospital, I saw him hurt. This is my only boy I have," the unidentified father said.

Prosecutors say in total nine suspects tortured three men over two days in this vacant home on Osborne Place.

The group is accused of sodomizing one man with a plunger handle, another with a mini baseball bat as well as torturing and beating the men for hours.

Authorities say one victim was cut in the arms and legs with a box cutter.

Another victim was chained to a chair beaten with a bat and burned in the legs and nipples with cigarettes and lighters.

This victim says after the ordeal they told him he could still be in the gang.

VICTIM: "I regret it? getting in that gang."
LEID: "What are you going to do now?"
VICTIM: "Stay in school. Stay in school. Do my stuff. Stay off the street."

In court yesterday, defense attorneys argued this was not gang activity, just a group of men who were partying together.

All of the suspects were charged with robbery, assault and unlawful imprisonment as hate crimes.

Mendez Rivera and Falu were additionally charged with committing a criminal sex act.

The 9th suspect, Ruddy Vargas-Perez was arrested by the NYPD Violent Felony Squad at 4:50 p.m. Monday inside of 40 Richmond Plaza in the Morris Heights section of the Bronx.

He was arrested in the 10th floor hallway.

His lawyer had contacted the Department several times to coordinate a surrender, but he either never showed up or it was postponed.

Most recently, cops were told he would surrender on Tuesday.

His attorney was informed that if they found him before hand, they would arrest him.

They got a tip that he was in the building and he was taken into custody.

The suspect is refusing to answer questions at Bronx Special Victim's.

He should be moved to the Bronx Criminal Courthouse for an arraignment later Monday night.