New way to lose fat

October 22, 2010 4:20:04 AM PDT
No matter how much you exercise or eat healthy, sometimes it's tough to tackle those love handles.

And the prospect of liposuction with its long recovery and healing process may not be practical or palatable.

Though, like Emily Blitzer, you're certain there's room for improvement.

"My whole life and certainly since I had kids, my stomach muscles, my stomach has always had this extra roll," she said.

And that's why she underwent a non-surgical alternative recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

"Coolsculpting is an exciting new technology which non-invasely removes fat from targeted areas of the body," said Dr. Melanie Grossman.

New York dermatologist Dr. Grossman is one of a select group of physicians offering Coolsculpting, which essentially helps you fight fat by freezing it.

During the procedure, the doctor applies the applicator to the treatment area, Emily's stomach. Suction lifts the skin into the device where the temperature is dropped to just above freezing. The cooled fat cells eventually shrink and die and are flushed out of the patient's system.

The procedure takes about an hour, there's virtually no downtime and the patient can expect to start seeing results anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months.

Before and after photos of several other patients who have undergone Coolsculpting, show the marked differences.

Zeltiq, the company that developed the technology, claims on average, each procedure results in a 20 percent reduction of fat in the treated area.

Worldwide, more than 7,000 patients have been treated, at cost of between $700 and $1,500 an application.

But a reminder from Dr. Grossman, who says Coolsculpting is not for everyone.

"An obese patient or somebody who really needs to lose weight, that person's really not a good candidate."

Emily Blitzer called the treatment painless and no big deal, and says she's hoping her results mirror other patients' successes.