Pharmacist accused of hiding camera in bathrooms

Leonardo Zoppa and the alleged hidden camera

November 16, 2010 2:50:24 PM PST
It's as small as a flash drive or a lighter, placed just right in the ceiling tiles of a public bathroom stall.

The camera had 2 and half hours of running time.

"It's amazing how clear it was, the audio and the video. In fact, the person who placed it there was seen on camera installing it," Wayne Police Capt. James Clarke said.

That clear cut evidence was enough to arrest 34 year old Leonardo Zoppa of Clifton, police said.

Invesitgators say he admitted hiding the camera in a men's restroom inside St. Joseph's Wayne Hospital, where he was a pharmacy manager. It had been there about a month.

Captain Clarke says Zoppa told them that he had also stashed his rolling camera in men's restrooms inside the Barnes and Noble in Clifton and in the Club 46 Fitness in Fairfield.

St. Joseph's Wayne issued a statement saying it responded by calling police and terminating the employee upon his admission of the act. That it has turned over all evidence and is cooperating fully.

No one answered the door at Zoppa's Clifton home, where last night police seized computers, cell phones and other electronics.

It's all being sent to state police labs to try to retrieve all video and audio that the camera recorded.

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