Man dies after fight at Queens club

November 29, 2010 3:32:58 AM PST
A mother is questioning the circumstances surrounding her son's death after a fight at a nightclub in Queens.

Beverley Waide clutched a torn blue sweater, dropped her head in her hand and sobbed at the thought that the piece of cloting is what her son wore the night he died.

"The news is so bad that I have not eaten and I have not drank anything," she said. "And I have not slept since 5:30 yesterday morning. I'm thinking about what he was going through, and I wasn't there at the time when he was being beaten, to go through all that pain."

Her son, 33-year-old Haroon Walfall, went to Bartinis Lounge in Forest Hills Friday night with a cousin and a friend. They told her about a dispute inside that lead to his death.

"He was talking to this girl," Waide said. "Apparently she had her boyfriend there. And maybe he got jealous and he attacked my son. And his friends came at him and they started beating him. They were all stomping at him. Stomping at his face with his boots."

Waide says the bouncer threw her son out. In the car, Walfall complained of the pain, and his cousin took him to Franklin General Hospital, where he died.

Waide got the call in Florida from her youngest son.

"He said, 'Ma, your son is gone,'" she said. "'He's gone, Ma, he's gone.'"

Gone, with no real answers about who or why. The NYPD says the investigation is ongoing, but no arrests have been made.

The reality of a lost son is setting in. Walfall came to the United States from Jamaica as a toddler and just got his U.S. citizenship six months ago.

The results of Walfall's autopsy are pending.