174 guns collected at "Cash for Guns" event

December 11, 2010 3:36:47 PM PST
A coalition between the New York City Police Department and African American clergy in Brooklyn succeeded in taking 174 guns off the street on Saturday.

Brownsville and East New York residents turned in the firearms, no questions asked, at the First Baptist Church of Brownsville and at Southern Baptist Church in East New York.

A pink-colored 9mm pistol, an AK47 assault rifle, and a mini Uzi were among the 60 semi-automatic pistols, 72 revolvers, 19 rifles, 5 shotguns, 1 sawed-off shotgun, and an assortment of zip-guns surrendered Saturday.

The "cash for guns" program is part of an ongoing partnership announced in September between the Police Department and religious leaders in Brooklyn to attempt to reduce crime in neighborhoods.

It marks the ninth anti-gun drive the Police Department has held in partnership with local clergy, in houses of worship in all five boroughs since 2008.

Over 6,000 guns have been removed from the streets as a result of this program, the most recent of which was May 8 in Brooklyn.

More on the Brooklyn Clergy/NYPD Coalition:

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