Newleywed in search for missing engagement ring

December 20, 2010 2:26:28 PM PST
A plea for help from a woman who got married two months ago.

She lost her engagement ring a few weeks ago, and if you work in midtown, you may have noticed all the signs she's put up in a desperate effort to find it.

Delia McCabe can only hope for a holiday miracle, after she lost the engagement ring that represented generations of her husband's family.

"It was given to his mother many years ago and the mother had it put into a nice, beautiful platinum setting, which she had for years, and then gave it to my husband to give to me when he proposed to me," she said.

Delia noticed the ring was missing after arriving at her suburban home.

"I was taking off my gloves to open the front door and realized it was gone," she adds.

Delia lost the ring after a doctor appointment at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, where she will soon undergo heart surgery.

Delia said, "It was a new doctor actually, and I just told him that I was recently married and I kind of looked down, and showed the hand, and that's the last time I remember it."

She took the subway line that runs the A, C and E trains to and from the appointment before realizing it was gone.

Delia says her husband and his family have been very understanding and no one is blaming her for losing the ring, but she admits to feeling guilty.

"I mean, the guilt I feel, it doesn't feel like my ring; let's put it that way, and so the guilt is more that I lost this family heirloom," adds Delia.

There is a possible reward involved, but it's safe to say that she would consider the return of the ring to be a priceless gift.

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