Some grocery store shelves empty in NYC

December 30, 2010 3:26:55 PM PST
Some grocery stores and bodegas across New York City have empty shelves because delivery trucks have been unable to access them due to the snow.

"Three days. No deliveries you see all the shelves are empty," said Badrul Islam, a store clerk.

There's no milk, no bread, and no luck at some Dyker Heights delis and bodegas.

The shelves are bare and customers are getting desperate.

"There are no deliveries until Friday," said Heather Karantzalis, a Dyker Heights resident.

B and R Deli and Grocery clerks say delivery trucks couldn't make it down 16th Avenue because the unplowed streets made it impossible.

After three long days, clerks finally got a much needed deliver of eggs Wednesday.

But, they won't see their milk and bread delivery until Friday at the earliest.

"It's horrible, it's a nightmare. The weather is impossible. The snow is impossible, it's like sanitation didn't bother to do anything about it. It's like they forgot about us," said Elias Karantzalis, a Dyker Heights resident.

Meantime, Astoria's unplowed cross streets stranded deliveries, and stalled essential services forcing some businesses to close, others to struggle with cupboards going bare.

With a big New Years Eve bash planned for his modern Greek Restaurant, Chris Giannakas is worried about everything--hoping by Friday his customers can park.

The inability to navigate the borough has the café down to its last finger of Gray Goose.

Busy 30th Avenue is all backed up and contractors are forced to walk blocks because streets are clogged and they can't get to all their customers.

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