Trying cashless tolls in NYC

January 20, 2011 3:21:35 PM PST
Cashless tolls will be coming to the Henry Hudson Bridge.

"There's a better way to collect tolls in the 21st century and its called all electronic tolling," said MTA Chairman, Jay Walder.

Announcing the start of a pilot program, the MTA wants to give drivers a whole new way of paying tolls.

Many people now use and the elimination of cash altogether.

"As you go through the toll lane we will take a video image of your license plate and we will send you an invoice, for the charge," adds Walder.

Tolls on the span connecting the Bronx to Manhattan began when they opened the bridge 74 years ago.

The toll booths eventually replaced by new technology designed to ease congestion....what drivers like.

Drivers are also being encouraged to join the 80-percent of those who already use EZ-Pass.

If the cashless tolls are successful, you may see it when you cross other bridges.

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