Allegations of elementary school sexting

January 21, 2011 2:25:07 PM PST
A letter went home with students on Friday after they were briefed by police officers and school social workers.

The allegations: a sixth grade girl in a Hackensack elementary school sent a nude photo of herself to at least one fellow student.

"This behavior is inappropriate, illegal, and potentially dangerous," the superintendent, Edward A. Kliszus, Ph.D., wrote. "We ask that parents ensure that all cell phones and other electronic devices be cleared of all questionable images or movies."

The Hackensack superintendent says he has no idea how far the image has circulated. He wants parents to get involved.

Possession or transmission of sexually revealing or explicit images falls under the "endangering the welfare of a child" statute in New Jersey. It is illegal to create/manufacture, transfer, transmit, or possess child pornography.

The Hackensack Police Department is investigating. Officials say there will be an amnesty period which will end on January 24, 2011. After that, any student found to have created, transmitted or possess(ed) an illegal image/movie will be charged, police said.

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