Protecting your skin during winter

January 24, 2011 3:05:20 PM PST
In this frigid weather many people try to keep their bodies warm with layering, but what many people forget is that your skin may need layering too.

We went to Self Magazine's beauty director Elaine D'Farley to talk about layering to prevent dry skin.

D'Farley recommends paying attention to our skin to keep it warm and moist in the dry cold of winter.

"Layering various skin products is one way to do that, start with serum, a very thin moisturizing liquid," she said.

"Look for hyaluronic acid in serums and other products. It's a chemical that holds onto water and keeps it on your skin," D'Farley said.

It's best to use serum first, followed by either lotion or cream for the best skin protection.

For super protection, D'Farley recommends a SPF sun block lotion or cream that will block U-V rays, which cause wrinkles and skin cancer.

Cold winter weather can be very hard on women especially; there are plenty of foundations with moisturizers in them.

Lips are a big target of brutal winter wind.

"The lips are a target of the weather. Licking them makes them dry, so use a lip balm, but be careful to avoid menthol balms because they can dry the lips," D'Farley said.

She also recommends using a mousse blush that will keep the skin hydrated better than a powder blush.

Hydrating and moisturizing are crucial to protecting you skin all winter long.


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