No frill fitness at new NYC gym

March 8, 2011 2:53:13 PM PST
According to one study as many as 45 percent of fitness club members quit going in any given year. But there's a new fitness club named Blink Fitness that's opened with high hopes that its price point and what it offers will be a reason to sign up and keep members coming back for more.

"We have 100 pieces of cardio and 60 pieces of strength training," said Dos Condon, the vice president of Blink Fitness.

Condon showed off what this new gym offers for us, but its biggest selling point is what it doesn't offer.

"No spa, no classes, and no pool," said Condon.

No personal trainers and no towels, and that's exactly the point of getting in, getting out and getting back to basics.

"We feel there's a need to provide fast workout enthusiasts, or those who never worked out," said Condon.

In fact, 85 percent of Americans don't belong to a gym, but with a $20 monthly membership, which you buy at a kiosk, Blink may get people to the gym.

Ironically, Blink is an offshoot of the luxury fitness chain the Equinox, which offers everything from classes to training to body treatments

But for some, less is more. On top of that, health clubs are seeing competition from yoga, spin classes and other exercise specific studios where classes can run $15-$40 each.

Some would rather spend more on the classes, and less on a gym membership. But with Blink, they can reconcile doing both.

"Pricewise you can't be beat 20 bucks a month," said Condon.

"It has what you need. That's why I like this gym," said one member.

There are lockers, showers, and a vending machine selling water, locks and even headphones, and in lieu of trainers, there are workout sheets. It all may be just enough to get people to workout.

So far, three Blink Clubs are located in the New York area with plans to open as many as five by the end of the year.

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