President Donald Trump?

April 18, 2011 1:31:23 PM PDT
So is he really running for President, or is this just a publicity stunt to get ratings for his reality TV show?

That the question is being asked is slightly pathetic; I mean what other potential candidate for President would be in this position. Except for maybe Pat Paulsen.

Either way, Donald Trump knows how to get publicity.

Last Friday on Rush Limbaugh's radio show, home base for conservatives, Trump called in to be interviewed.

Limbaugh was in the middle of a big fundraising campaign to help fight blood cancers, and Trump opens the conservation by pledging to donate $100,000 to the cause. Then he invited Limbaugh to have at him, politically speaking.

The latest Eyewitness News poll shows folks in our area are none too keen on a Trump Republican run for President.

31 percent have a favorable opinion, 41 percent are unfavorable, and 21 percent are "neutral."

We also asked if peeps think Trump is serious about running?

40 percent say he is. Half do not.

Then we asked if Mr. Trump does become the Republican nominee for President, would you vote for or against him? 18% say they would vote for him. 44 percent say they would not. 38 percent say it's too soon to decide.


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