Extra police in Times Square to stop violence

April 24, 2011 8:15:37 PM PDT
Extra patrols and heightened security measures are in place in Times Square Sunday night as the NYPD readies for possible gang violence.

The police department has brought in a mobile observation tower and positioned several cars and officers throughout the area.

People who know Times Square well say there is definitely an extra police presence Sunday night.

Hoping to get anyone who's thinking of being violent to think again.

Easter Sunday means police are ready for a different type of tradition.

The so-called gang initiation rites.

Last year, there were multiple brawls, shootings and arrests in and around Times Square and Penn Station.

Retired police officer Larry Nunez says he's not worried.

Bayridge resident Larry Nunez said, "We are prepared. We have a lot of police officer presence. So far it's been good. "

Midtown merchants and police are prepared with extra patrols and boosted security just in case gangs look to terrorize the busy and bustling area.

Police first noticed the Easter night violence back in 2003.

Last year on Easter night hundreds of cops struggled to break up rowdy groups of young people.

Four people were shot and hurt and more than 50 people were arrested.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg termed this violence "wilding".

"Everyone thinks the way they want to think. You can't put it in their head but everyone learns one way or another. Whether you get locked up or you end up dead," Queens Village resident Amandep Singh said.