Seven Blocks: Sunnyside Queens

May 26, 2011 1:59:15 PM PDT
New York is a city of neighborhoods. Neighborhoods with unique people, places and foods.

Many of these neighborhoods are connected by more than 650 miles of subway tracks.

This trip takes us to the seven blocks around the 46th /Bliss Street station in Sunnyside, Queens.

Sunnyside is located on the western part of Queens, just in the shadow of Manhattan. If you want to get there by Subway, you take the 7 line to 46st stop. The 7 line runs right through the heart of the neighborhood.

And when you take your first steps into the neighborhood, the first thing you notice is the wide variety of restaurant choices you have right along the subway line.

"We have Japanese sushi, we got a Napolese guy down that way, we got Tex-Mex that way, and we have Mexican that way, we have Turkish that way," said Ira Greenburg.

About four blocks north you will find Sunnyside Gardens. Sycamore trees form inviting canopies over the street where residents live in mainly two-story brick townhomes. The historic planned community was started in 1924 and was designed to be a suburban surprise within the city. Homes share interior gardens where parties and events are common place and where residents are very proud of their vegetable gardens.

Four to seven blocks from the subway stop is Calvary Cemetery, located on the eastern border with Woodside. It is the first Catholic Cemetery in NY state. It was established in 1785, 9 yrs after the signing of the Declaration of Independence and where many famous war heroes are buried along with 1800's NYC Mayor Hugh J Grant.