Teen writes anti-bullying song

June 13, 2011 1:48:57 PM PDT
Every seven minutes a child is bullied on the playground.

Adults intervene four percent of the time, other kids intervene 11 percent of the time, but for the most part 85 percent of the time-no one helps the child being bullied.

It can be life changing and life ending and now a young songwriter is trying to change that.

Teenager Phoebe Prince took her life and died inside her New England home.

Six classmates reached plea deals on charges ranging from civil rights violations to statutory rape to stalking.

This case is now closed, but some want to make sure what happened to phoebe doesn't happen again.

That's why 15-year-old singer Kylie Morgan decided to send out a message to other teens.

"Her story just kind of really got to me, because I've been in high school and I know what it's like."

She's honoring Phoebe by writing a song and focusing attention on bullying. It's a growing problem, which worries high school counselors like Stephanie Burchett who says texting and Facebook make bullying hard to control.

"It's 24/7. It doesn't just happen when kids step on to campus anymore. It happens 24 a day now," says Burchett.

Kylie says she hopes that teens will listen to her message when they see bullying.

"I want them to actually put themselves into the other persons shoes and actually think about how they would feel if they were getting bullied," said Kylie.

For more information about kylie's anti-bullying campaign go to www.kyliemorgan.com