Armed man shot by NYPD left suicide note

June 21, 2011 2:57:37 PM PDT
Authorities say a gunman with mob ties killed by police after shooting at a tire shop left suicide notes.

Carl Lastorino fired at the Brooklyn shop owner. He then got in a taxi, but exited with a gun drawn to confront officers. They fired twice and he was killed.

Police say Lastorino told his mother he had a job to do and wouldn't be back. They say the 45-year-old also left a note for his sister, saying he could no longer continue life as a failure.

Lastorino's father was a capo in the Luchese crime family and served time, but authorities don't believe Lastorino was involved in the mob.

Surveillance footage shows Lastorino firing at shop owner Peter Argentina, who races away injured through towering rows of tires. It's not clear why Lastorino shot him. He is in stable condition.