Brooklyn shop sells nostalgia-inspired garments

June 28, 2011 2:04:27 PM PDT
The craft of batik is one that's centuries old, and it was pretty popular in the 1960s and 70s. But there's a Brooklyn shop run by a mother-and-daughter team where they're keeping batik alive and current.

Nancy Cogen first learned about batik while taking homemaker classes at the Y across the street in the late 60s.

The craft has its roots in Indonesian culture, dating back about 2,000 years.

But Nancy wasn't a natural at first.

"Heavens no. I gave the first piece away, I couldn't stand it," Cogen said.

But she improved and opened her first shop on Atlantic Avenue 39 years ago and has since opened a second location on the same avenue. Her daughter Tammy has worked at her side for about 20 years.

"Sometimes we have arguments about how a new design should look, but usually I win," said Tammy.

The Brooklyn Bridge is the most popular design request.

The fun, hippie-inspired designs keep customers coming back whether it's for the nostalgia or for other reasons.

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