Fake ID crackdown on Long Island

August 9, 2011 3:08:46 PM PDT
All you need is an internet connection and about fifty bucks, and through a website on the other side of the world, place an order for a US drivers license from the state of your choice.

An underage college student ordered one for herself, a fake ID complete with a hologram and so authentic looking, it can trick even the most eagle-eyed bartender.

Just compare them with one from New Jersey and it's hard to tell which one is real and which one is fake.

Senator Charles Schumer declared war on the Chinese companies behind the websites, which ship the counterfeit ids inside packs of playing cards, even hidden in games of Chinese checkers.

To buy the fakes, you must wire money through companies like Western Union and Schumer says that's the way to fight it.

He wants the Department of Homeland Security to ban such money transfers on the theory those fake ids can be used for much more than teen drinking.

"There are lots of security implications, presenting it in an airport, getting on an airplane, getting access to places that people shouldn't have," Sen. Schumer said.

The flood of fakes hits home at places like Kasey's kitchen in Rockville Centre, where manager Eric Altamore tries to be as vigilant as possible in checking ID, knowing he could be arrested if he's caught serving a minor.

"It's a scary thought that people can beat technology in any shape or form," Altamore said.