Boonton murder victim's text message is possible link in case

August 18, 2011 2:41:27 PM PDT
It is a chilling text message one family member says Nazish Noorani sent a month ago.

Speaking to her husband, she says, "He abuses me. I don't want him to scare the kids. If you should find me dead someday, it was Kashi. He wants to kill me."

A bombshell in a murder investigation where the prosecutor is not releasing much information.

Noorani and her husband Kashish Parvaiz were celebrating the holy month of Ramadan at her house when Kashish allegedly sent a text message to his wife saying he wanted to leave for Boston where they had been living.

Minutes after they did, they were gunned down, their three-year-old son covered in their blood, but unharmed.

Parvaiz told police three men attacked them, but some in Noorani's family are thinking back to that text message, wondering if Parvaiz himself had anything to do with this.

"That's the first thing, whoever is next to her first. It's not surprising but I hope he's not involved," said Kaleem Noorani, the victim's brother.

Late this afternoon, Noorani's father, along with Parvaiz's father walked together to the crime scene, a show of unity.

So far the prosecutor will only say that this murder was "target specific." Whatever the case may be, Noorani's family is desperately searching for answers.