A manic Monday

August 22, 2011 1:51:18 PM PDT
Chaos in Libya, a controversial decision from the District Attorney of Manhattan, and a fierce hurricane hits Puerto Rico and heads towards the Atlantic Coast of the U.S.

Happy Monday.

We're following all three stories tonight. Libyan dictator Mohammar Gadhafi seems to be in the final hours of his 4-decades long reign. President Obama today said it was time for him to leave - this, months after Mr. Obama organized NATO military air strikes against Gadhafi that have been fairly unrelenting.

We're also all over the dropping tomorrow of some or all of the sexual assault charges against former International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss Kahn. A housekeeper in at hotel in Midtown Manhattan has accused Strauss Kahn of attempted rape and of assault. Her credibility has since come into question, and the case has become something of a flash-point for the debate over he-said/she-said situations.

Ken Thompson, the lawyer for the hotel maid, Nafi Diallo, said that the D-A has "denied the right of a woman to get justice in a rape case. He has not only turned his back on this innocent victim but he has also turned his back on the forensic, medical and other physical evidence in this case."

The defense, praising the D-A decision, saying they had proclaimed his innocence since the beginning.

The other big story is Hurricane Irene - which today pummeled Puerto Rico. It is picking up steam as it eyes the east coast of Florida and heads later in the week to the Carolinas. The issue for us is how close Irene will come to our coastline - and to the New York City area. Will Irene veer east after he Carolinas, or creep close to us? Meteorologist Lee Goldberg is tracking it all.

We'll have the latest on all these stories - plus any breaking news, tonight at 11.


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