Breast feeding tips for working mom's

September 5, 2011 3:02:02 PM PDT
Large numbers of new moms are heading back to work within one year of having a baby, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

When nursing is part of plan, a breast pump should probably be in mom's bag when she goes back to work, but there are some things she should know.

Going back to work doesn't have to mean the end of that rich mother's milk for the precious one.

With breast pumps, moms can continue supplying nutrition for the baby.

But first, before going back, there should be some practice time according to lactation experts.

"If she's going back to work at 6 weeks she might want to start pumping around 4 weeks to get comfortable with her pump, at 5 weeks offer the baby a bottle or cup because you want to make sure the baby is going to take the milk," said Nurse Coe Bell with the Cleveland Clinic.

While pumping at work can be a challenge, many workplaces now offer employees lactation rooms or private areas to express breast milk.

Nurse Bell encourages moms heading back to work to consider a double electric pump because it can be a time saver.

When pumping at work, it's important to be able to relax to get the most benefit.

This can be difficult in the midst of a hectic work day but nurse Bell recommends thinking about the baby and bringing along a few helpful items.

"Sometimes we encourage moms to use a picture of the baby or a recording of the baby's coos or little gurgles because that will help her milk letdown," she adds.

Lactation experts also suggest pumping whenever your baby would usually eat or pumping as often as possible throughout the day.

If your baby is at a nearby or on-site daycare center, nursing on breaks or lunch is another way to maintain your supply.