Facebook party leads to burglary arrests

September 5, 2011 2:38:26 PM PDT
Police have arrested two people on burglary charges over a party arranged on Facebook.

It happened late Sunday night at Tara Circle, Inc. on North Broadway in Yonkers. The location is used for catering events and movie shoots.

Two officers observed a group of young people entering the building around 11:15 p.m. and became suspicious.

As they approached the building, they noticed a large group inside. At the same time, two men approached the officers and explained that they rented the property for a birthday party.

The officers had trouble buying that story when they apparently said they rented the building from a woman named Tara Circle.

In fact, the two did not rent the building, nor have permission to be there.

As the officers entered the building, approximately 50 -75 people ran out of the back door.

Investigators said the two suspects advertised on Facebook that they were having a party at the location and they charged $5.00 per person for admission.

Officers found a keg of beer, liquor bottles, and multiple cups inside of the building. A broken window and door were also discovered.

Both suspects were arrested on burglary charges.