Ballistics show innocent victim not shot by suspect

September 8, 2011 4:48:30 AM PDT
Ballistics tests shed new light on the shooting of a woman who was caught in the crossfire between police and two gunmen.

Denise Gay was shot to death Monday night in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

She was caught in a shootout that followed an argument between two men. It quickly turned violent when each man pulled out a gun, and what followed was a raw, bloody finish to a weekend of exceptional violence, with dozens of people shot across the city.

On Wednesday night, police said the bullet that killed Gay did not come from suspect Leroy Webster's gun.

It couldn't be linked to a specific weapon, but could have come from a glock, the type of gun used by some officers.

Now, Gay's family is speaking out for the first time.

"Denise was a kind person, she was big in stature, but also had a bigger heart," said Les Gay, the victim's brother.

Two officers were also shot.

They have been released from the hospital.