Emergency training at Bellevue Hospital

September 20, 2011 3:50:59 PM PDT
When disaster strikes, patients flood into the emergency room. Paramedics, doctors and nurses work together to resuscitate the patient.

But this time Mr. Jones is actually a mannequin, and most of the nurses, doctors and paramedics are students in training. The New York simulation ,created through a partnership of The City University of New York and NYU Langone Medical Center, is located at Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan.

"We want them to hone their professional skills their technical skills and team skills as well," Executive Director Dr. Tom Riles said.

Riles also said the training center was built as a direct response to 9/11 to help train emergency personnel for emergencies. Now a decade later, it's a reality.

"There's disaster training team training, there is scenarios on cardiac arrhythmia patients, trauma patients that come in cardiac arrests respiratory arrests," Heather Mahoney, MD/Simulation Director, said.

The center has a simulation trauma room, intensive care unit, and 2 operating rooms with high tech mannequins that cough and moan and even give birth. There are 100 cameras throughout the center recording video and audio. So, after the simulation, students can watch and see what they did right and what they did wrong.

"We learned how to take vital signs how to transfer care to doctors to emergency department," EMT student, Zarina Kopbayeba said.

"I have no experience outside of a textbook what it would like to find someone who is basically unconscious" nursing student, Rebecca Matthews said.

"When you first start doing it feels a little silly but once you really start running the scenario and thinking about it and talking out loud problem solving it almost feels completely real," Omar Hasan, an ER resident, said.

Of course all technology fails at times, but they have an IT person is on site; and, though simulation will never replicate the true chaos of reality, at least for today we know that Mr. Jones will live.

LINK: http://nysimcenter.org/