Officer beating of suspect caught on camera

September 20, 2011 3:21:55 PM PDT
A police officer from Long Island is in serious trouble, accused of beating a suspect and it's all caught on camera.

He's not been charged criminally, but he is now facing a million dollar civil lawsuit.

William Robinson was in police custody in handcuffs, when he was pushed against a wall then punched and kicked repeatedly after he falls to the floor.

The officer that is accused is identified in court papers as Peter Troyan.

The incident happened in a secure hallway in the town courthouse where Robinson appeared before a judge on a motor vehicle violation and a drug charge.

What led up to the incident is not entirely clear.

"According to Mr. Robinson, there was no altercation. My client never had any exchange of words with the officer," said Defense attorney Brian Dratch.

The incident happened in 2007. The lawsuit is expected to come to trial soon.

Robinson was treated for injuries at a local hospital, but was not severely hurt. The officer denies all the allegations. "But along with his arrest, he did not deserve to be beaten up. Essentially this was an assault by Officer Troyan. He was defenseless, he was handcuffed, that's not part of what goes into when a person gets arrested. He is entitled to be free from excessive force from police officers," Dratch adds.