Hero Marine stops rape in Queens

September 29, 2011 5:32:10 AM PDT
He served in the armed forces to protect our country, and now a Marine from Fresh Meadows has served on the streets of Queens to protect a woman in danger.

Bryan Teichman stopped an attacker from raping a woman.

"I feel like I did what anyone else would do," Teichman said.

"He had gotten her, forcing her to go over the railing," said Dawn Octavianno, a witness.

She called 911.

"I was hysterical. I said someone is being attacked," Octavianno said.

Octavianno says she saw the man dragging the woman across the street and over the guardrail in broad daylight.

Then, Teichman ran across the street and jumped into action.

He says he leaned in over the guardrail, and says he saw the suspect on top of the victim with his hand over the woman's mouth and pushing her head to the ground.

"He got up on the guardrail and I saw him attacking her, she started screaming and everything," Octavianno said.

That was all it took for the suspect to run off.

Police arrived within minutes, but by then the woman's attacker had escaped.

"It happened and I'm glad it didn't go any further than it did and that I didn't have to do anymore than I did," Teichman said, "I'm just really glad she's ok and nothing happened."