Exclusive: Teens record confrontation with officer

October 11, 2011 8:18:54 PM PDT
Three teens claim that they were subjected to verbal abuse by a police officer after they were arrested and recorded everything on their cell phones.

Three high school students got picked up for being rowdy.

What they didn't expect was the verbal assault they'd get from their arresting officer.

They were so offended and so scared; they managed to get their cell phone out of their pocket while handcuffed, and record the cop's comments.

He had no idea he was being taped.

The teens have not filed a formal complaint, but Eyewitness News brought this incident to the attention of the NYPD Tuesday.

They told Eyewitness News after what was said to them in the back of a police cruiser, they're now terrified to say anything to cops.

They say they were subjected to hateful comments about women, immigrants and religion.

These were just a few comforting words in a familiar language to calm a frantic classmate.

"She's crying and stuff and because we're both Russian, I tell her in Russian to calm down and stuff and not do anything stupid," the teen said.

Out of fear of retaliation, one teen didn't want to be identified by name.

But he says his comments in Russian set off an officer from the 9th Precinct on a racist and hateful tirade.

NYPD Officer: "Where are you d**** from?"

Teen: "I'm from Brooklyn."

NYPD Officer: "Good, you should f****** stay there. What are you f***** Russian?"

Teen: "You know what, officer."

NYPD Officer: "No you're Jewish. Go back to Israel, or where ever the f*** you're from.

The conversation was secretly recorded by cell phone, just after three high school students were arrested just before 1 a.m. back in June.

This teen is overheard speaking calmly the entire time.

Teen: "Sir, officer, may I ask what I'm being charged with?"

NYPD Officer: "its call being a d***."

Teen: "I have a right to know what I'm being charged with."

NYPD Officer: "You don't have any rights, you're under arrest."

Two young men and a young woman had just left a party in the East Village.

On the recording the officer explains why he picked them up.

NYPD Officer: "You know what, if you didn't think you were a tough guy and yell something at us as we drove by. This little b**** and that little f****** whatever he is, 80 pound little d***, would be here."

The teen admits to yelling at a car as he crossed the street.

"I feel like I was a bit, not careful enough when crossing the street but it was our light, it was our turn to cross," the teen said.

INCUE: "At this point, none of us knew they were cops, they had not identified, they did not say that they were cops, they weren't in an identifiable police car, and they had not shown their badges," the other teen boy said.

The 17-year-old is so scared of the cops; we're not disclosing his identity at all.

"Actually both my friend and I did this, but the cops erased his recording so we were only left with mine," the teen said.

NYPD Officer: "Get your f****** hair off my arm."

Female Teen: "Sir I would appreciate it if you would not speak to me that way."

NYPD Officer: "I told you to sit back."

Female Teen: "You are not giving police officers a good name."

There's a lot more on the recording Eyewitness News didn't air.

The first teen was charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and marijuana possession.

His charges will be dropped if he doesn't get into trouble in six months.

The teen who made the recording was charged with disorderly conduct, but his charges were dropped.

The NYPD says the incident is under investigation so Eyewitness News is not naming the officer involved.