Step inside Sensorium in New York City

October 26, 2011 1:12:51 PM PDT
Step inside the Sensorium, an interactive exhibit in the meatpacking district created by Sephora and Firmenich, a fragrance house.

They say that fragrance is that invisible part of beauty that you don't see, and they wanted to bring it to life.

The exhibit helps you get in touch with your nose. By whiffing the smell of pink peppercorns your scent memories are triggered.

And what if you couldn't smell? There is a little deprivation chamber. It's a reminder to appreciate your sense of smell. It's the only sense that's primal, smell with your brain.

The visuals there help you better understand how it works.

At the fragrance bar is where you tell what impression you want your fragrance to have.

So instead of a blind tasting, you do a blind smelling to figure out what fragrance you like.

You can find out which scents there are and then buy them.

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