Officers plead guilty in Rikers fight club

October 21, 2011 3:12:25 PM PDT
Two correction officers entered guilty pleas for their roles in a fight club at Rikers Island that lead to the death of a teenage inmate.

Eyewitness News first revealed the disturbing details of what was known behind bars as the "Program."

The death of Charnel Robinsons 18-year-old son Christopher at the adolescent jail on Rikers three years ago sparked one of the most sensational scandals ever to strike a city agency.

Three correction officers are accused of running an extortion scheme, recruiting inmates in a type of fight club to beat up other inmates like Christopher Robinson who didn't comply.

Two of the three officers Michael Mckie and Khalid Nelson pleaded guilty Friday to felony assault related charges.

Even though they'll only serve one to two years, the Robinson family attorney says they're satisfied.

After Robinson's death Eyewitness News uncovered internal correction intelligence documents showing that officials had been warned about widespread gang extortion and done little to quell it.

12 inmates were indicted as part of the criminal enterprise.

So far, five have pleaded guilty Charnel Robinson has been at every court date and will be in the future.