Employees want disgusting building fixed

October 25, 2011 3:23:27 PM PDT
Rats, raw sewage and a terrible stench, some city Parks employees say they've had enough.

The raw sewage is flowing into a building that provides office space for Parks Department employees and they want it fixed.

On the floor inside, raw sewage that flowed out of the floor on Tuesday.

It's in each of the four bathrooms.

"I can't breathe! Disgusting they have to work in this environment," said Geoffrey Croft, of the New York City Park Advocates.

But Parks employees, at least eight of them that Eyewitness News saw, were still working through all of this.

"Yeah they should not be (here that's) part of the problem, they have been complaining and complain but gone unanswered," Croft said.

This building, a headquarters, has been closed since Tuesday morning.

It's the park employees' office for the historic Parade Grounds, next to Prospect Park.

Workers say they had to get a cat because the rat problem was so bad.

Most of the rats, workers say, stay outside these days because of the cat.

Another problem, they say, is that windows won't open.

Then there is fly paper held together with incense on an old thermostat.

The Parks Dept tells Eyewitness News on short notice they can only say there is no record of long term complaints but that they are checking further.