Woman arrested for hiring hit man to kill woman

October 27, 2011 2:44:34 PM PDT
Jealousy turns ugly, and nearly deadly in New Jersey.

A woman is accused of hiring a hit man to kill her ex's new girlfriend.

A Red Robin Restaurant is one of several places agents say Nicole Faccenda met with the friend and the undercover posing as a hit man, and she thought for sure "made for TV movies", prepared her for the perfect crime.

She's apparently heard on surveillance tape saying, she had watched a lot of Lifetime movies, and wanted to make sure that the undercover hit man was not a cop.

Faccenda, investigators say, was upset, her longtime boyfriend broke up with her, and took up with another woman.

She and Faccenda each have a child from him and she wanted the other woman dead.

Of the other woman, Faccenda is quoted to say, she "wanted to go to her funeral and spit on her casket, and that she will be happy when the victim-girlfriend is buried and 6 feet under."

It gets more gruesome, that she "wants to chop up the victim-girlfriend's body into pieces and spread them around in the river."

As to the fact that this new woman has children, that she does not want the victim-girlfriend's kids killed, but if something happens to one of them, "Oh well, I'm sorry."