Man kills two people, one on the Q111 bus

December 3, 2011 7:44:56 AM PST
Gunfire on a bus has left one dead and another wounded. Police say earlier the suspect killed his girlfriend's son.

Investigators are still trying to piece together a motive for these two deadly shootings, but they say they are connected.

As they pulled the body of one of the two men shot on the Q111 bus, investigators say they have a 34-year-old suspect in custody.

A man they believe was involved in deadly shootings at two different locations in Queens.

"Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop. You know and then the commotion, people running, screaming and everybody trying to duck," said Charles Scribner, an eyewitness.

Charles Scribner was diving for cover too.

He and Albert Taylor heard the shots from where the Q111 was stopped along Archer Avenue.

"It was right in this area because we were ducking," Taylor said.

"We saw the people and the commotion and you know just what you do, try to hide," Scribner said.

Police say two men who were innocent bystanders were shot on the bus, one of them was killed.

The other was critically wounded, shot in the face. He is now listed in stable condition.

The intersection was very busy at the time.

Just across the street is the entrance to York College which was briefly locked down to protect students.

Two miles away though, at the intersection of Foch and Guy Brewer Blvd. was another active crime scene where earlier investigators say an 18-year-old was shot.

"He was actually here last night hanging with me for about an hour. A good kid, you know," said Ali Nasery, a restaurant owner.

Ali Nasery, the owner of Royal Chicken, was told by his brother that the teenager had jumped from a second floor apartment window and ran over to the restaurant.

"When he came out here he was shot I believe in the chest. And he fell to the ground. My brother and some other guy propped him up, put him up against the wall and he said my step-father shot me," Nasery said.

It's believed the suspect then boarded the Q111 bus where two innocent passengers would face the barrel of gun, one of them losing his life.