Retired NYPD officer allegedly shoots & kills wife

December 11, 2011 3:27:56 PM PST
Police have made an arrest in the shooting death of a woman inside her home in Queens.

Officers responded to reports of shots fired inside an apartment building on 84th Drive in Briarwood at around 11:15 Saturday night.

Upon arrival, police found 42-year-old Tracey Young had been shot in the head and torso.

Responders pronounced Young dead at the scene.

"You just don't wake up in the morning and say that's it, this is your last day, I know she didn't get up yesterday and say this is it," Young's friend Maple Dong said.

It is not something Tracey Young's family ever dreamed would have happened or her many friends here at the condo complex where she lived in a penthouse unit ever imagined could.

"I saw the cops last night and she was the first one I called," Dong said.

But Tracey didn't answer.

Maple Dong knew the Young well.

Both sat on the Board here, where elections were suppose to be held Sunday night, but were abruptly canceled.

"People trusted her in this building, she has the key to every single door in the building, I just can't believe it," Dong said.

Police says Tracey's husband, Clarence Cash, killed his wife inside their 8th floor unit.

The retired NYPD officer allegedly shot his wife several times in the torso and head around 8 p.m. Saturday, waited it out overnight and then eventually turned himself in to police at the Midtown South Precinct at about 6 a.m. Sunday.

Neighbors say Cash was a quiet man who seemed to love his wife.

"I saw him a couple times, he's a big tall guy, I don't know what happened, " neighbor Judy Dong said.

Tracey was not only passionate about her job as Board President, she just finished hanging decorations for the holidays, but also in her role as criminal investigator with the State Department of Taxation and Finance, where her boss says she was one of the best.

Friends say they never sensed the couple was at odds.

"She had been saying they were trying to have a baby, so they had no problems from what I know," friend Maple Dong said.

The motive was not immediately known.

Cash is charged with murder as the investigation continues.