Masked man robs Old Bridge jewelry store

December 28, 2011 8:29:03 PM PST
A geezer bandit caught on camera robbing a jewelry store may be much younger than he appears.

The suspect walked into a jewelry store along Route 9 in Old Bridge, New Jersey, wearing a rather distinctive disguise.

The robber knew what he wanted as security cameras recorded him rushing into the counter.

He drew a gun and ordering one clerk to the floor and then demanded another fill a bag as he meticulously selected various rings and bracelets.

"He came right in knew what he was doing, he walked in approached both employees, he had one employee get down, the second employee, he had him take him around, he pointed at the jewelry he wanted, they provided the jewelry," said Captain Robert Weiss, Jr., Old Bridge Township Police.

The Halloween masked man robbed Corbo Jewelers about 5 Tuesday afternoon at the Shoppes of Old Bridge along Highway 9.

The workers inside were terrified on what was a slow post Christmas sales day.

"The employees at the store were pretty shook up, but physically everyone was unharmed, he didn't hurt anybody, he pointed the weapon at them and left the store," Weiss said.

Old Bridge Township Police don't have much to go on but they're hoping someone recognizes something in the security tapes and helps find the thief.

"He's got a mask, he's got a hooded sweatshirt, he's a bit stocky, about 5'10", he's wearing an overcoat that makes him even look a bit larger," Weiss said.

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