Stress levels in America, better?

January 12, 2012 1:49:07 PM PST
A new study is out today and the results are not all that surprising but they are disturbing.

More Americans claim they are stressed, like never before.

Work, home, the economy and personal finances are all contributing factors, and the most stressed out people are right here in our area.

Americans say they're less stressed. But it's not all good news.

Unveiling their fifth annual "Stress in America" survey, experts from the American Psychological Association say self-reported stress levels fell to their lowest in five years.

But almost a quarter of Americans say they're extremely stressed. And the gap between levels of stress, and what doctors recommend, is still too wide.

Not surprisingly, financial concerns take the biggest toll.

Money, work and the overall economy were cited as the top three causes of stress, followed by relationships and family responsibilities.

Including another emerging concern the stress of care giving like baby boomers caring for aging parents.

Women report higher levels of stress than men, but men are more likely to develop stress-related illness.

Those living in the western portion of the country report the best stress management.

And the East, has the highest stress levels in the nation, most likely due to the high cost of living, and competitive careers.