Woman says job instructor molested her

January 12, 2012 8:09:24 PM PST
A woman says she went to a local employment center to try to find a job, but what she got instead is something she will never forget.

"The thought was why is he doing this me? If he's helping everybody else," Victoria Falk said.

Victoria Falk searched high and low for help getting a job, instead she says she found a teacher who took advantage of her trust.

"He said, 'You came in a suit and you look sexy in that suit.' He said, 'You see how the other women dress to the program. I'm not used to women dressing like that.'" Falk said.

She was recently laid off from her job as a social work supervisor.

So the 40-year-old mother enrolled at ResCare Workforce Services in Downtown Brooklyn. It's a program designed to help people financially as long as they get job counseling.

"If you don't comply you will not get your assistance, and you need instructors to vouch that you complied," Falk said.

During a break Tuesday she says her instructor, 45-year-old Reginald Parker, forcibly touched and masturbated in front her.

She says she was so afraid she froze instead of running for the door.

"I was looking at the door and seeing how far the door was and there's no window on the door, and I'm saying, 'Is anybody out there?'" Falk said.

No one answered the door at the suspect's Carlton Avenue home.

Police arrested and charged Reginald Parker with forcible touching.

The program's assistant director also took an official internal complaint, but refused to give Eyewitness News any information over the phone.

Falk worries she's not the only one.

"I think that he should spend some time in jail so that he can understand that he should not abuse his power," Falk said.

Parker is charged with one count of forcible touching.

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