7 Health screenings for women

January 16, 2012 7:59:56 PM PST
No matter how busy, every woman should make time for healthy habits, and that's not just exercising and eating right.

There are some routine health screenings that are essential.

For Miriam Goldberg, getting checked out is not always convenient, but she knows it's necessary.

"You really have to do it because if you catch it early, then you are saved," Goldberg said.

Topping the list of 7 health screenings you don't want to skip: heart health tests.

"You need to get screened for heart disease and that means getting a blood pressure test at your doctor's office and laboratory testing for cholesterol and glucose," said Dr. Nieca Goldberg, Medical Director of the Tisch Center for Women's Health.

Equally important, is a mammogram and breast exam, a pap smear and pelvic exam, a colonoscopy, a thyroid test, bone density test to rule out or treat osteoporosis, and a skin check for melanoma.

"Skin is the biggest organ of our body and we often take it for granted," Dr. Goldberg said.

Dr. Goldberg says this may seem like a long list, but many of these tests can be taken using one tube of blood, so that's one doctor's visit.

"It's not an excuse to say I have no time because I have to take care of my kids and my family. The way to take care of your kids and your family is to go to the doctor and take care of yourself," Goldberg said.

And those are words to live by!

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