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January 18, 2012 8:24:44 PM PST
They may look like four friends chatting, maybe in time.

Right now, they're strangers talking business, but can they room together?

This is speed roommating hosted by

You can sign up online for free, pile in, and start chatting.

"We're all looking in Astoria, so it's definitely a possibility. We're all looking for around the same price range so, definitely," said Krystal Mason, looking for a roommate.

Krystal and Danielle need a third roommate.

Elena needs a room.

Line up people with similar interests and let the deal get done, just like speed dating.'s director Matt Hutchinson's speed roomating events took off in the UK.

"We've had people turn up from Australia, off the flight, straight from Heathrow, suitcases piled high in the corner just needing some place to live. It's the first stop for some people," Hutchinson said.

People of all different backgrounds and ages are looking, it's a sign of the times.

"People just can't afford to live how they used to, I find myself in the same position. The money's not like it was," said Clinton Flanagan, potential roommate, "Everything is so exorbitant now. I mean, just the price to feed yourself today is ridiculous."

Here, you talk expenses and rents and let your instincts do their job.

"That's the best part about it. Here you are meeting a bunch of people and you get to pick and choose. And if you don't like the person, you know right away," said Sandeep Chandur, looking for a roommate.

So do Krystal and Danielle like what they with potential roommate Elena?

"Well, she seems nice, I'm excited. We've tried Craigslist, we've tried everything," Mason said.

One round of speed roomating later and it looks like a done deal.

"I think we would take some cute pictures for Christmas cards or something," Mason said.

Last year in London, nearly 11,000 people showed up for these speed roommating events.

This is the first one in New York and the company is hoping it won't be the last.

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