New surveillance video in Bronx police shooting

February 9, 2012 2:26:27 PM PST
The last moments of Ramarley Graham's life, fist-bumping friends on White Plains Road, are seen on a surveillance video.

The street corner was under NYPD surveillance.

Police officials tell Eyewitness News that undercover officers became suspicious when Graham adjusted his waistband.

In the video obtained by Eyewitness News, Graham appears to be doing just that, leading officers to suspect he's hiding a gun.

Seconds later, as Graham crossed the street, an officer claimed to see "what appeared to be the butt of a gun" and the decision is made to "stop and frisk him."

But, as the video shows, Graham takes off and the officers take off after him.

Police officials claim a civilian witness heard the commands, "Police! Stop!"

Yet a third video shows Graham ducking into his home, and apparently locking the door behind him.

Moments later, officers broke down the door.

Graham was cornered in his own bathroom and shot to death by police.

He was 18 years-old and unarmed.

Why he was shot is still not clear.

"For what? It doesn't make no sense. For nothing!" said Delmar Scott, the victim's brother.

According to published reports, the officer who fatally shot Graham has been identified as Richard Haste, who reportedly had no training in street-level drug enforcement or undercover work.

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly is reportedly ordering a city-wide review of the street narcotics enforcement unit to look at training and protocol.

On Wednesday night, officers from the 47th Precinct met with Graham's neighbors and family members. Hundreds of people showed up.

Graham's mother said that Haste and his supervisor should not be on desk duty, as they have been since the incident. She wants them charged.

Other loved ones also voiced their outrage.

"The problem is, they are supposed to serve and protect us," cousin Tracey Champion said. "And they're the ones that are killing us."

"We're dogs to them, you know what I mean?" one man in attendance said. "And they're just going to shoot us down. And they're going to shoot our young puppies afterwards."

Kelly was supposed to be in attendance, but he was diverted to another shooting scene.

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