Exclusive: Mistress of cop charged with DWI speaks

February 29, 2012 10:16:57 PM PST
Two NYPD supervisors are on modified duty in the wake of the drunk driving arrest of a 75th precinct cop who crashed his patrol car Tuesday morning.

Officer Christopher Morris was released on his own recognizance and suspended without pay.

The married father is not talking, but his mistress is, she reached out to Eyewitness News and spoke exclusively to investigative reporter Sarah Wallace.

"It was clear to you he had been drinking," said Jessica Sesack, the officer's former lover.

25-year-old Jessica Sesack claims she got a call from her former lover, 31-year-old Christopher Morris Monday evening, hours before he wrapped his patrol car around a pole in East New York, Brooklyn while on duty at the 75th precinct.

"You are absolutely sure he'd been drinking that day?" Wallace asked.

"Absolutely," Sesack said.

"Because," Wallace said.

"You could tell the way he was slurring, his speech was just off," Sesack said.

"He told you he needed to lie down," Wallace said.

"Correct," Sesack said.

But a short time later, the NYPD says the five-year veteran attended a fundraiser at a Brooklyn restaurant to benefit the children of Officer Peter Figoski.

Figoski was shot in the head and killed in December.

Morris, one of the first cops to respond, was a close friend.

After his arrest for DWI, he told detectives, he'd had a few drinks at the benefit.

There was also personal stress, claims Sesack, who says she'd been having an affair with the married father for several years, until a few weeks ago when his wife found out.

She showed Eyewitness News multiple texts, this year's Valentine's Day flowers and card, and the Facebook page he set up under an alias, Sammy Ramos, just for her.

You can see him in the middle of a photo when he served in the Army in Iraq.

"I'm sure a lot of people are going to blame me," Sesack said.

"Are you to blame?" Wallace asked.

"In some ways, yes, but I'm not the one who let him get in that patrol car," Sesack said, "Nobody should have let him into a car, let alone a police car. He could have killed somebody or he could have been killed how hard he hit that pole."

Internal Affairs is now investigating the entire incident.

"Two of the supervisors involved who were working at this command were placed on modified assignment, because there are questions as to the level of supervision," Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said.

"People are going to ask, why are you talking about this?" Wallace asked.

"I'm concerned about him, his situation," Sesack said.

"You haven't spoken to him?" Wallace asked.

"No," Sesack replied.

"Would you like to speak to him?" Wallace asked.

"Yes, but I know I can't," Sesack answered.

Sesack has not yet spoken to NYPD investigators, but says she would like to.

She claims that several people on the job knew about the stress Morris was having at home as well as at work.


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