Huge weapons cache found in East Meadow

March 9, 2012 8:05:05 PM PST
There has been yet another shocking discovery of military weaponry on Long Island.

This time it was in a quiet East Meadow neighborhood.

The man who rented the house is now under arrest.

When state police walked Michael Anderson out in handcuffs he didn't say anything when asked about an arsenal of weapons.

It's a large cache of firepower that included two grenade launchers, two military assault weapons, seven rifles, a shot gun, four handguns and thousands of rounds of military ammunition.

"The grenade launchers are capable of firing large millimeter type of projectile that can do a lot of damage," police said.

The weapons, troopers reveal, were discovered in this home on Bernice Drive.

The ground floor was rented, neighbors say, by Anderson and his girlfriend Rachel Jonyer.

Jonyer approached a state trooper along the nearby Wantagh Parkway accusing Anderson, they say, of chasing her following a domestic incident.

Troopers arrested Anderson and say they later heard that he might have several firearms.

"Some of the weapons are legally possessed weapons that have been modified in ways that make them illegal . Some of the handguns have been defaced and are more likely stolen," police said.

A neighbor who didn't want to be identified says she became suspicious of activity at the house when she smelled marijuana wafting from the home.

"I didn't know they had weapons in there. But, we knew there was something going on in there, whether it was drugs, something illegal was happening in there," the neighbor said.

The arsenal of weapons, especially military, raises serious concern for neighbors who can't believe the amount of firepower there.

Nick Montanino lives right across the street.

"It's crazy. I've heard a couple of stories. It's hard to believe, you know. Right next door to your house and in this neighborhood," Montanino said.

Norman checkers, another neighbor who was out walking his dog is certainly relieved the arsenal was discovered.

"You never know it could be next door or around the block. You would never know. I am glad things came to pass," Checkers said.

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